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  1. what is repeater?

    The repeater is one kind of equipment that amplify the signal in the wireless communications. The basic function of the repeater is to amplify the radio frequency signal. The repeater can pick up the signals that spread by the antenna and insulate the signals by the filter, amplify the filtered signals and recover the areas that needed.

    The repeater is a relaying product, to scale the repeater is based on the intelligentized function, low in IP3, low noise figure, durability, and the good technical support.

    The repeater is equipment that can be used in the areas that do not need the base station and need to be covered by signal, it is low in cost and easy in installation. The repeater can be used in the restaurants, hotels, air stations, train stops, gyms and so on to make your communication better.

  2. How to Classfity the repeater?

    1) Classfity by transmiting signal :GSM Repeater,CDMA Repeater ,DCS&PCS Repeater,3G Repeater

    2) Classifity by install site : outdoor Repeater ,indoor Repeater

    3) Classifity by Transmiting bandwidth: full(broad) band repeater, Band selective repeater,

    4) Classifity by Transmiting solution: frequency shifting repeater, Fiber Optical Repeater

  3. How to choose the types of repeater?

    1) which signal of moibile you want to amplifier in blind or weak area of mobile signal (GSM,CDMA,DCS&PCS,3G,2.4G ect) You can know it from local telecom network operator

    2) where you want to use the repeater.?

    3)the area of coverage you want ,Squ meter?

    4) How much bar of you mobile phone?

  4. The meaning of each type of Repeaters i.e. GSM, CDMA, DCS & PCS

    Ans: GSM netwrok including tree frequency band : GSM 900MHZ,GSM1800MHZ,GSM 1900MHZ

    The GSM 1800MHZ also called DCS In some country

    The GSM1900MHZ also called PCS in some country.

    So base on the aboving information ,our GSM repeater can support the ueser whose cell phone is GSM 900MHZ or GSM 1800MHZ or GSM1900MHZ.

    CDMA is also a telecom network including two frequency : CDMA 800/CDMA2000 (450MHZ CDMA is called in some country)

    So our CDMA Repeater can support whose cell phone is CDMA 800mhz or CDMA 2000MHZ

  5. What is meaning of saying the cellphone is single bandor dual band or triple band?

    Ans : the single band is GSM900MHZ or GSM1800MHZ or GSM1900MHZ mobile phone which can communication by the frequency band of telecom network

    The dual band is GSM900MHZ and GSM1800MHZ mobile phone which can communication by the TWO frequency band of telecom network

    Triple band is GSM900MHZ and GSM1800MHZ And GSM 1900MHZ mobile phone which can communication by the TWO frequency band of telecom network

  6. Can we use the for all of these systems?

    Ans : No you canot , it decied by the cell phone which use which telecom network :GSM CDMA .That is to say ,different cell phone use different system

  7. How many user can use the repeater at the same time?

    Ans: how many user which is relation with the base station , it is not relation with the repeater. that is to say ,the user is not limited use the repeater at the same time

  8. The contents of each Mini Repeater ?

    Mini- Repeater.

    Yagi Antenna ( Out Door Antenna ).

    Indoor Omni Antenna.(Inhale Top Antenna)

    30 Meter Cable ( RG8 Cable ). (according to the different distance in differrent place)

    Power Splitter

    Power Coupler


  9. About the basic terms you need as follows:

    1). Mini-Repeater.

    2.) Yagi Antenna.(outdoor 1 pcs)

    3) Indoor Antenna (1 pcs)

    4).30-Meter Cable

    5) Connector.(4pcs)

    Remarks: the quantity of the indoor antenna is according to the quantity of rooms in buliding .

  10. How many watt the output power 23dbm,20dbm,17dbm?

    How many watt the output power 23dbm,20dbm,17dbm?

    23dbm 200mW

    20dbm 100mW

    17dbm 50mW