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Model :AJ100

Product Overview:

 1.Equipment Connection and Boot-up

Hold the audio jammer AJ100, take out connection cable, insert one plug of the connection cable into the extender interface in front of the audio jammer AJ100, and the other plug into the interface above the extender. After connecting the two extenders, plug in the power adapter, turn on the red indicator light of the audio jammer AJ100 by turning on the switch knob, the jammer is in the standby state, and press the unlock button on the remote controller to start using the jammer.
2. Use of Audio Jammer AJ100
After boot-up, adjust the position and angle of the extender according to the usage scene. There should be no obstruction in front of the extender. The principle of placing the extender refers to the following figure and video. After placing the extender, the extender is tested with recording equipment and the power knob is adjusted to achieve the best shielding effect.
This AJ100 recording shield jammer independently researched and developed by vodasafe, it is a high-tech safety protective apparatus with high level of integration. In case of being illegally recorded via recording devices (such as mobile phones, recording pens and recorders and so on), the recording shield will generate random noise signals which can oppressively interfere with speech signals so that only noise information is picked up by recording devices and the speech information cannot be distinguished to make sure of safety of speech information. Generally applied: head office, confidential meeting room,  operation room, business negotiation room and any other places which need to be protected from being recorded.
4.Tests and Notes
Radio-frequency signals are employed to shield from the recording in this product, so the slight noise after turning on the equipment is normal and in addition reactions of people of different ages to noise are different and this noise have no influence on human body. 
During testing, under the stimulated real operating environment, the communication needs to be at a normal volume and increased volume is unnecessary, and the best software are adopted in this product with the combination the noise in the device and practical of shield coverage, and user can ask software of special version for us in case of special needs!
Notes: there will be best effect of shielding when emission terminals of desktop recording shield are directly facing recording devices.