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Model :VJ8

Product Overview:

 Signal Jammer Prevent Leakage Of Important Information For Car And Important Public Events

Vehicle Jammer Vodasafe VJ8
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Brief Description:
Vehicle-mounted mobile phone signal jamming equipment can interfere with the key communication bands with potential threats in the frequency range of 700MHz-6000MHz and stop terrorists (or reactionaries, illegal organizations) from using RIPED to work on wireless communication devices working in this frequency band to implement terrorism. 

Accompanying interference: shielding all kinds of mobile phone signals during the journey of the vehicle;
Parking interference: Blocking all kinds of wireless communication signals in emergency places in important public events or emergency places to prevent terrorists from carrying out RCIED terrorist attacks; it can also be used for local area information blockade to prevent leakage of important information.

1. Easy to install, no need to modify the vehicle;
2. Modular construction for easy maintenance and upgrades;
3.The operation is simple and convenient, and the interference radius is large;
4. Frequency band and output power are optional;
5. Local or wired control mode of operation can be selected according to the actual environment;
6. AC or DC power supply can be selected;
7.Good heat dissipation performance ensures the reliability of the device.