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Model :DJ6P

Product Overview:


*Vodasafe DJ6P is an effective, mobile drone countermeasure designed to operate over long distances, up to 1.5 km.
*Effective suppression is provided by directional antennas with a beam angle of 10 degrees.

*A choice of one to six UAV jamming frequencies and a conveniently located 'release' button. This is all the user needs to be familiar with before using the Vodasafe DJ6P

*When using the Vodasafe DJ6P, the vast majority of UAVs will lose contact with the operator and begin to descend smoothly and safely, or fly away to the launch point.

*Using our device allows to solve the problem of the UAV quietly and safely, without using firearms or other methods, leading to uncontrollable drone downfall.

*The Vodasafe DJ6P allows you to securely seal off the perimeter of a protected facility and pinpoint enemy UAVs with a minimum amount of material resources and personnel time.