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Model :GPS Jammer CPJP6PLUS

Product Overview:

Handheld  Jammer for Wi-Fi ,Lojack  all GPS Jammer Model#CPJP6Plus

This powerful pocket-sized ,with bigger battery and higher gain antenna,and extral hot-sink ,   will jam all nearby mobile phones,Lojack, gps including t,Wifi,Buletooth,Lojack ,GPS within an effectiverangeofupto 30meters.If you're looking to buy a portable cell phone jammer, this is an excellent choice for a personal, portable unit. This portable cell phone jammer is one of  the most highly copied cell phone jammers on the market.A rechargeable Ni-MH battery and a universal charger are includedwith this great value priced jammer.

* Movie theaters, hospitals, Religious Places, churches
*university, schools, classrooms, libraries 
*police forces and military, Government,
* Inside jails. Prisons
* Correctional Centers   
* Petrochemical Industry 
* Sports Venues and Theaters  
 * Schools and Universities 
* Power Generating Plants





  * Full Band  Portable GPS Jammer CPJP6Plus

* Up to SIX (6) Frequency Bands; 500mW/Band 
* PLL Synthesized Signal Source 
* Omini Antennas with min. 2.5dBi each Band 
* Interferes w/Downlink Base Station Frequencies 
* Slow Start-up Circuitry for Long Term Reliability 
* Over Temperature and VSWR Protection  
* inside rechageable 
battery 8000mA ,working time up to 3hours  


Order information :

  • 1  173MHz Lojack  0.7W 
    2  1220-1260MHz GLONASS GPS L2  0.7W 
    3  1370-1380  GPS L3 L4   0.7W 
    4  1570-1620MHz  GLONASS GPS L1  0.7W 
    5  1170-1180MHz  GPS L5  0.7W 
    6  2400-2500MHz  WIFI  0.7W  

  • TOTAL: 4.2W