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Model :Car Amplifier

Product Overview:

Car Amplifier TE-CA23-CD

Anyone who drives knows that you may not have to worry about using mobile phone and the signal problem when driving in the city, but once you drive in the mountainous area or the suburbs with poor signal coverage, it becomes very hard with mobile communication. Mobile communication becomes intermittent and sigle-pass(You can hear them, but they cannot hear you), but the most serious is "out of the service area". Sometimes when you pull off the car and walk out of the car, the signal and the communication may be a little bit better. Or you may try to find and stand on a higher place to "get the signal".  It is so hard to make phone calls when in a moving car,  not hearing clearly and easy to miss some important phone calls. A major constraint of the mobile communication coverage is the restricted receiving sensitivity of the mobile base stations and lower transmit power.Users inside the car have more serious problem because the body of the car will often worsen the signal of 5-10dB.

The principle of car cell phone signal booster is to place an transponder device in the car to receive the transmitting signals of the mobile phones. The signal can be amplified 2~5W by the car booster and then transmitted to the base station through a high-gain antenna. Meanwhile, the high-gain antenna receives the weak signal of the base station. The signal is amplified and then transmitted inside the car to ensure the smooth communication for users inside the car.


 Designed to resolve the weak signal problem inside vehicle and yacht. 

light weight, low consumption, easy installation.

effectively improve communication quality, reduce inside radiation.

Extend communication distance and enhance performance remarkably at mountain area, forests, high building area etc. 

Reduce mobile phone output power, pro-long mobile battery life.

Support GSM900+GSM1800, CDMA800+PCS1900 network.

Model frequency

Model Frequency range Uplink Downlink
TE-CA23 EGSM/ LTE 8 880-915MHz 925-960MHz
GSM 890-915MHz 935-960MHz
DCS/ LTE 3 1710-1785MHz 1805-1880MHz
PCS/ LTE 2 1850-1910MHz 1930-1990MHz
CDMA/ LTE 5 824-849MHz 869-894MHz
WCDMA/ LTE 1 1920-1980MHz 2110-2170MHz
IDEN 806-824MHz 851-869MHz
AWS/ LTE 4 1710~1755MHz 2110~2155MHz

Electrical Specification


Items Uplink Downlink
Max.Gain ≧20±2dB ≧25±2dB
Bandwidth Wide Band
Ripple in Band CDMA/GSM≦4dB; PCS,WCDMA≦6dB; DCS≦8dB
Output Power . >23dBm >10dBm
VSWR < 3
Time Delay ≦0.5μs
Power Supply DC: 5V
Power Consumption ≦2W
Impedance 50 ohm


Mechanical Specification

RF Connector SMA-Female
Dimensions (D x W xH ) 130* 66 * 25 (mm)
Weight <0.5 Kg
Installation Type Wall Installation
Environment Conditions IP40
Humidity < 90%
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 55℃