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Model :Lightning Surge Protector CA-23RS

Product Overview:

The Surge Protector is a lightning arrestor of coaxial construction ,this device is designed to absorb the surge of lightning strikes on an antenna at the top of a buliding and ground it, thus providing full lightning protection for transcervers ,receivers,ect



*Designed with a stress on high safety ,this device has a bulit-in gas chargeing surge arrestor element which discharge and ground the surge ar the moment the surge voltage exceeds a specified level

*This is device makes the actions of surge discharge and restoration as repeatedly as necessary no replacement is practically needed

*Should the surge arrestor element be damaged it can easily be replaced with a new element

*The coaxial construction of this device assures excellent high frequency characterristics ,wide bandwidth ,and low loss and VSWR


Model: Type NR/NP Connector

Frequency range :DC-2500Mhz

VSWR:Less than 1.1

Loss :Less than 0.2dB

Withstand power:200WPEP

Voltage at discharge start:DC230V+-15%

Discharge voltage of shock wave:1000V

Withstand current of shock wave:6000A

Repetivite discharge of shock wave:DC230V+-20%

Insulating resistance DC100V:OVER10000Mo


Outer Dimensions :78X41X20DMM