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Model :Signal Booster GSM900Mhz

Product Overview:

Pico-Cell Phone Repeater GSM900Mhz Model:TE-9102B
  MINI Sets-GSM900Mhz Pico-Repeater TE-9102B Works in all countries and covers GSM900 networks is intended to strengthen the signal in the GSM900MHZ mobile buildings. Ideal for use in areas where the GSM signal is weak to cause Call dropout or Cant connection The device improves the voice calls and data VOICE GPRS and EDGE (depends of the signaloperator)

Complete Kits containing :
*External antenna (the panel Directional antenna or Yagi Antenna)
*15m cable terminated with N-J7 CONNECTIONS Male
*Model 2017 GSM Pico- repeater
*Adaptor  AC110- 230V
*Internal omni antenna (WHIP antenna or Omini-Ceilling antenna)
*English mounting instructions and guide for your

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*High system gains.
*Full duplex and double-end design, external power supply, and convenient installation.
*ALC technology with auto-steady function adopted.
*Provide power indication and uplink and downlink indications.
*With the amplified linear power, the intermodulation and spuriousness are suppressed effectively.
*The reliability conforms to GB6993-86 standards.
*The electromagnetic compatibility conforms to ETS300 609-4 standards.

Technical Specifications:
Frequency: Cellular GSM900MHz Band
Uplink: 890-915 MHz Downlink:935 -960 MHz
Gain: Uplink 65dB Downlink 70dB(not including antenna gain)
Output power: Uplink 20dBm   Downlink 23dBm
Gain Adjustable Range  MGC≥30dB
Pass Band Ripple ≤4dB
Guard Band Rejection (BW-60dB)≤42MHz ,(BW-70dB)≤45MHz
I/O Impedance 50Ω/N Connector
I/O Return loss ≤-10dB
Noise figure ≤-8dB
IntermodulationAttenuation(Po=13dBm) ≤-40dBc
Transmission Delay ≤0.5μs
Ambient Temperature -10℃~50℃
Power supply AC110~220V±10%   45~55Hz
Size 148mm×106mm×33mm
Reliability To the GB6993-86 standard
Electromagnetic Compaibility To the ETS300 694-4 standard
Function a) Power supply LED denote b) Export power LED denote

Order Information :

Pico-Repeater GSM900Mhz Model:TE-9102C:Outpower 17dBm/Gain 50dB/Cover-max 300m2

Pico-Repeater GSM900Mhz Model:TE-9102A:OutPower 20dBm/Gain 60dB/Cover-max 500m2

Pico-Repeater GSM900Mhz Model:TE-9102B:Outpower 23dBm/Gain 70dB/Cover-max 800m2 


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