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Model :Pelican Bomb jammer

Product Overview:

VIP High Power Jammer VIP-Jammer CPJ-8030  Multi band jammer can be constructed to jam up to six frequency bands, and the overall RF output power is above 100Watts.A “Smart active” cooling system enables unlimited continuous use The system has a fully protected circuit in case of disconnection of antennas.The jammer is designed for easy installation and use. Simply attach selected antennas ,Plug into either AC mains or DC power source and start to operate


* Movie theaters, hospitals, Religious Places, churches
*university, schools, classrooms, libraries
*police forces and military, Government,
* Inside jails. Prisons
* Homeland Security
* Correctional Centers  
* Petrochemical Industry
* Sports Venues and Theaters 
* VIP Convoy Protection
* Bomb Prevention/Disposal


*.5 modules are controlled separately and also can work simultaneously, Each band is adjustable.
*. Each module with antenna can be used as a single jammer.
*. The pelican case is portable (can be carried like a suitcase).
*. Can be mounted on the car directly or any other temporary occasion.
*. Frequency band is optional.(20-2500Mhz)
*. With excellent heat dispersion. Fans to keep the heat dispersed

Communication Standards:
CDMA-H        850-894MHz  ( 20 Watts )
GSM-900       925-960MHz  ( 20 Watts )
GSM-1800     1805-1880MHz ( 20 Watts )
GSM-1900     1930-1990MHz ( 20 Watts )
3G  BAND     2110-2170MHz ( 20 Watts )

CDMA-L        450-470MHZ  (20  Watts )(Optional)

Wi-Fi/Buletooth,GPS ,4GLte optional .we can do customize bands according to you requires
Total RF Output Power :100Watts+.
Power Adjustment:Each band can be controlled separately and simultaneously.Output power adjustable
Power Consumption:About 300WVA
External Power Supply Voltage:+24(+22…+29.6)VDC/230VAC /110VAC
Housing:Waterproof and shockproof mil style “Pelican” trolley case
Device Color:Green or Black Optional
Humidity:Up to 80%
Operation temperatures:-20 ...+50 Centigrade degree
Antennas type:6pcs of External high gain omni-directional antennas (7-8dBi)Or 3pcs of external high gain directional antennas   (12-15dBi)Or 2-3dbi short omni antennas can be put in a small antennas pack.
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