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Model :Adjustable 7Band Jammer CPJX5

Product Overview:

Stationary adjustable 5 Bands Cellphone,Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Jammer/Blocker:CPJ-X5adSeries designed  to  block  all  wireless Networks including cellular bands such as iDen, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, DCS, PHS, PCS, 3G, 4G Wi-Fi ,GPS AMPS,  N-AMPS,  NMT,  TACS.  Telephones  or other  electronic  communication devices. In  the vicinity of Jammers ,The wireless devices will be unable to receive  signals  or  in  the  case  of  a  mobile phone, dial out going calls.  The jamming radius depends  entirely  on  the signal  strength  in  a given  area. in normal its block radius 30-40meter 


* Movie theaters, hospitals, Religious Places, churches
*university, schools, classrooms, libraries
*police forces and military, Government,
* Inside jails. Prisons
* Correctional Centers  
* Petrochemical Industry
* Sports Venues and Theaters 
* VIP Convoy Protection
* Bomb Prevention/Disposal

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adjustable 5 Bands Cellphone,Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Jammer/Blocker

* Up to Five (5) Frequency Bands; 2.5W/Band

* PLL Synthesized Signal Source

* Omini Antennas with min. 2.5dBi each Band

* Interferes w/Downlink Base Station Frequencies

* Slow Start-up Circuitry for Long Term Reliability

* Over Temperature and VSWR Protection

* 110-240VAC Power Supply Source /car power plug support also 

Model :CPJ-X5Ad
Block Sytem:
Port(1) GSM850:851/869-894Mhz
Port(2) GSM900:925/936-965MHz
Port(3) GSM1800:1805-1880MHz
Port(4) GSM1900Mhz :1920-1990

Port(7):GPSL1 1575Mhz /GPSL2:1272Mhz
Optional Port(8):CDMA450:450-470Mhz /Lojack